Saw Watchmen last night with Nick and Ben. It was pretty awesome, and though I only managed to read half the comic before we saw the movie, it matched up decently with what I'd read. According to Nick and Ben, I NEED to finish the comic (as I was planning to anyway) because the ending is completely different in the movie. Frankly, I'm glad, because I wasn't too fond of the movie ending. Also, just a warning, there's a LOOOOOT of full-frontal male nudity in this movie - they actually put a penis on Dr. Manhattan instead of giving him a featureless G.I.Joe lump for a crotch. It was kind of fascinating in a weird way.

I brought my mom's old sewing machine back with me. That thing is heavy - it's solid metal, over fifty pounds, and about forty years old. You can't make buttonholes with it, and the decorative stitching never worked, but it's the machine I learned to sew with and the one I'm most comfortable with. I'm excited about using it, even though I really have no idea what I want to make and no money to make it with. Oh well. At least the option is there, right?

Today's plan: take a walk with Nick and enjoy the beautiful weather, finish applications for summer RA and Medieval Conference positions, work on Nick's hat. Possibly re-read what Ultimate X-men comics I have.
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