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2009-05-05 01:06 am

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Reading back entries and comments made me realize how much I miss Jimmy and Kitty and Savannah, and all the other friends I don't talk to anymore. I think I'll try to call them tomorrow.
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2009-05-05 12:05 am

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Yay, first post to Dreamwidth! I'll probably just cross-post most of my LJ entries.

I made tapioca this weekend in my rice cooker. It turned out pretty well, although next time I'll be soaking the tapioca pearls in water for a bit first. Most of them were only cooked about halfway through, and only a little bit were fully cooked. The coconut milk worked amazingly, though. This may be my new study snack.

I started my Summer I class today. It's German 500 (Elementary German for Reading Proficiency), and when I signed up for it I didn't realize that it was meant for people who have never taken German - I just thought "Hey, it's a 500-level course, and I need two of those to graduate, so why not get them both done over the summer?" Nick says I should just keep taking it for an easy credit, but I'm bored silly. They're going over 100-level stuff - der/die/das and conjugating verbs and learning how to pronounce umlauts - while the last German class I took involved reading books and plays. The professor says it will get harder when we go into passive and subjunctive voice, but I went over those in 200 and 201, and there's nothing in the book for this class that I don't understand except a word or two I haven't encountered. And speaking of the book, it cost $81 when the books for my major usually cost around $20. I think I spent less on my books for two of my classes last semester than I did on this one book. It's absolutely ridiculous. I'll call Mom tomorrow and see what she thinks of the whole thing. While I wouldn't mind an easy A, I want to actually learn something in class, or else what's the point of paying all that money? I'll be taking German 560 (Studies in German Lit) in the fall anyway, so if I just take another 500-level in the spring I should be all done.

I can't sleep. I have class at 9:00, and I know I should go take a shower and go to bed, but I'm not really tired. Okay, my body's pretty tired, but my brain just seems to want to keep going for a while. I think it might be because Nick left for Egypt today. I know he'll probably be safe - Chris assures me he's in a "resort" area and that the most he'll have to worry about is making too many friends, or something like that - and one month isn't nearly as long as six, but I still miss him. I've gotten so used to seeing him every day that I feel really lonely when I don't get to see him, even if I spend the entire day with friends. He took one of the little frogs that I knitted with him so he has something to focus on when he thinks of me, and left me the little Viking that I got him in Schleswig-Holstein. He said he'd probably email me Tuesday, and call me when he could. I'll probably feel a bit better when I can hear his voice, but still... well, there's not much I can do about it.
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2009-04-27 12:29 pm

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Hooray for a two-hour-long lunch break! I'm actually going to get something done, since I need to pay off that parking ticket I got in December and get a temporary parking pass for the next couple weeks.

Conversation with Nick yesterday:

Nick: So Ihop should be good for breakfast-slash-lunch.
Me: It's called brunch, hun.
Nick: Oh, you're all fancy-like. You just want to make the slash unemployed.
Me: No, I want to employ the slash ... between two men.
Nick: Well, let's go find another guy, then.

I probably deserve to be punished for that one.

Also amusing: today at work, Stephie sneezed so hard she collapsed on the floor. She went from standing upright to being face-down on the carpet. It was pretty hilarious.
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2009-04-14 03:40 am

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Oh man, I just joined Twitter. I couldn't help it - once I saw that Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, the Mythbusters, and Jonathon Coulton are on there, I got kind of excited.

Is anyone else on Twitter? I'm following two IRL friends, one LJ friend, and one Internet friend I've been talking to forever, and the rest are nerd!celebs and webcomic artists. I am also slightly confused - when I added friends from Gmail, it said my stepmom was on Twitter, but if I try to friend her or search for her nothing comes up. I think I'll email her and ask if she's on.
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2009-04-08 07:59 pm


I feel like death on a stick.
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2009-04-08 05:26 pm

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It's annoying, but I can deal with waking before my alarm to an extent. Ten minutes, half an hour - not fun, but not too bad, either.

But THREE HOURS? Dammit, body, why do you have to hate me so much? I gave myself extra time to sleep so I'd be well-rested and so I could fight this cold off, and you have to go and team up with the loud assholes on my floor to keep me from getting a good night's sleep. What the hell? I'm trying to make you better, dammit!
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2009-04-08 07:54 am

My brain is threatening to shut itself off.

Nick gave me what every girl always dreams of getting - a cold. Thaaaaanks, honey! I'm so thirsty.

My brain is having trouble acknowledging the fact that finals are the week after next. I'm not exactly ... prepared. Also, this means a term paper and I am shit at getting big projects done. And after that I start working the Medieval Conference, and then I have class at 9:00 AM every Monday - Thursday for the rest of the summer. And since Medieval is only three weeks long I need to apply for as many jobs as possible so I can earn food money for the summer.

The semester ending also means that Nick will be going to Egypt soon. It's only a month, so I'm not too worried about it, but I know I'm going to miss him all the same. By the time he gets back, we'll have spent more than half of our relationship on separate continents. Fun times, eh?

Beth and I are going to apply on Friday for the apartment we looked at last week. It's at Winchell Way, not too far from Sweetwater's. It's a nice place, about $629 a month, it's not too far from campus, and I'd be living in it by myself for the first month since Beth can't get her dad and brother to help her move until the weekend of my birthday. I'm pretty excited about it, to be honest - it's my first time ever living in an apartment. I realize that's a pretty silly thing to be excited about, but whatever. I'll probably be sick of driving to campus after a week.
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2009-03-22 01:58 am

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I have an unfortunate tendency to accidentally injure my boyfriend. I move my leg wrong and shove my knee into his crotch. He leans in to kiss me while I'm distracted and I toss my head right into his. He literally walks into my fist and earns himself a blow to the eye (and, in an unfortunate case, the groin). Last night he tried to get into bed and managed to land his throat on my elbow. (That one was kind of my fault, since I was shining a flashlight in his face for a couple seconds and he couldn't really see.) It didn't hit his windpipe, thank goodness, but he was still in quite a bit of pain for a few minutes.

The funny thing is, I feel horrible every time it happens (because, really, as much as I might jokingly threaten violence I really don't want hurt Nick in any way), but he finds it amusing as all hell. Even last night, he was laughing about it while he was wincing at any contact with his neck. I honestly don't know how to react to that sort of situation, so I end up being apologetic and upset while Nick is poking fun at me and nursing his wounds. I can't exactly avoid it, either, since that would require avoiding Nick, so ... yeah. Hopefully I don't do anything that winds up with one or both of us in the hospital.
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2009-03-20 11:59 pm


Nick and I went to Video Games Live tonight. It may possibly be one of the most awesome events I have ever attended (which probably says something about how silly and dorky I am, huh?). There wasn't enough Final Fantasy music, in my opinion - just one Internet-famous guy doing a medley from all the games on piano and an orchestrated version of One-Winged Angel - but I was pretty psyched that they played music from World of Warcraft, Legend of Zelda, Metal Gear Solid, Kingdom Hearts, and Chrono Trigger (yeah, that person who shouted "YES! YES!!!" after he announced CT? That was me), and Nick got pretty excited that they included Civ VI. They also had Halo, quite a few old-school games (Pong, Space Invaders, Tetris, etc.), Sonic, Castlevania, and Mario. I could have done without the Guitar Hero display, but other than that the only request I would have is that they include some Katamari Damacy and Devil May Cry music. It was amazing, and I can only hope Nick and I get to go to more awesome shows like that.

Now all I have to do is find a way to mod my phone so I can put Chrono Trigger and MGS music up as my ringtones, since Alltel doesn't have anything good and blocks third-party providers.
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2009-03-06 11:00 am

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Saw Watchmen last night with Nick and Ben. It was pretty awesome, and though I only managed to read half the comic before we saw the movie, it matched up decently with what I'd read. According to Nick and Ben, I NEED to finish the comic (as I was planning to anyway) because the ending is completely different in the movie. Frankly, I'm glad, because I wasn't too fond of the movie ending. Also, just a warning, there's a LOOOOOT of full-frontal male nudity in this movie - they actually put a penis on Dr. Manhattan instead of giving him a featureless G.I.Joe lump for a crotch. It was kind of fascinating in a weird way.

I brought my mom's old sewing machine back with me. That thing is heavy - it's solid metal, over fifty pounds, and about forty years old. You can't make buttonholes with it, and the decorative stitching never worked, but it's the machine I learned to sew with and the one I'm most comfortable with. I'm excited about using it, even though I really have no idea what I want to make and no money to make it with. Oh well. At least the option is there, right?

Today's plan: take a walk with Nick and enjoy the beautiful weather, finish applications for summer RA and Medieval Conference positions, work on Nick's hat. Possibly re-read what Ultimate X-men comics I have.
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2009-02-28 08:09 pm

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Meme stolen from Kittie.

Go to and type in your answer to each question in the search box, then write the FIRST definition it gives you.

1. Your Name

The name "Sarah" is translated from the Hebrew language. It means "Princess"...and rightly so!
The translation of "Sarah" is "princess"

2. Your Age

The age at which one is finally considered human.

3. One of Your Friends

Another word for dick (often confused with jimmy-hat meanin condom)
i slippedd my jimmy in her pussy.

4. What Should You be Doing?

Homework: (Noun) a punishment given to students by evil teachers after the students have already put in 7 hours of hard labor. (See evil, torture, wrong, cruel, unjust, satan, crap)
my satan teacher gave me crap

5. Favorite Color?

yes... it is most definitely referring to the marijuana... and also, upon occassion, any substance with similar uses. too, properly, of course, it is a golfing term, but that;s really not very much fun, now is it?
'yo, where da green at?'

6. Birthplace

It's a twenty dollar bill, not a cock. That's a Johnson you dumb shit.
Me:"A jackson is a twenty dollar bill, not a cock. That's a Johnson you dumb shit."

7. Month you were born

The month the hottest people in the world are born.
DAMN! i'm hot i was born in june!

8. Last person you spoke to

The parent that takes the most shit. Sure, if you had a shitty father, then go ahead and bitch, but not all of us did. Some of us had great fathers, who really loved us, and weren't assholes. Honestly, if you could see how much damage a mother could do to one's self esteem, you wouldn't even place so much blame on "dear old dad"
Dad: "Oh, nice. I spend all my life to raise a family, and buy them a house, and then my wife divorces me, and takes the house that I paid for, and my kids, so she can go off with some other man, and treat my own children like shit. But at least I got a tie for Fathers day, that makes up for everything"

9. Nickname?

slang- stands for: Sounds About Right
Alston's ancestor, Krupa Minnion Arras, fucked up the last supper- Whoa! What a cunt, SAR!
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2009-02-23 09:44 pm

(no subject)

Hey, self -


No love,

Your fingertips
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2009-02-23 12:24 am

(no subject)

Damn, the tips of my fingers and the back of my right hand hurt. Velcro is a BITCH to have scraping over your skin, and I keep pricking myself in the fingers just hard enough to draw blood. And I've only just begun my project. Stupid snow yesterday kept me from getting to Micheal's to get the thread I need to keep going. Bah!

Tonight's D&D session ended with our characters feeding fifty baby gnolls bits of giant spider exoskeleton and preparing to take them to a monastery three or four days away because we killed their parents. James is soooo going to regret not being there when Zac tells him what he missed.
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2009-02-18 12:50 pm

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I had to drop Gays and Lesbians in Film and Drama. I really liked that class, but it was one of three lit classes, I couldn't keep up, and it was the only class that didn't count towards my major, minor, or gen-eds. Bah.

On a different note, an awesome video for all you folks.

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2009-02-10 10:58 pm

(no subject)

Stolen from Kittie and Will.

The first letter of your name... S, biotches!

1. What is your name: Sarah
2. A four Letter Word: Sing
3. A boy's Name: Samuel
4. A girl's Name: Simone
5. An occupation: Salesman
6. A color: Sepia
7. Something you wear: Snood
8. A food: Sammich!
9. Something found in the bathroom: Shower curtain
10. A place: Somalia
11. A reason for being late: Sudden train crash in the living room
12. Something you shout: Sa-weet!
13. A movie title: Seven Samurai
14. Something you drink: Soda
15. A musical group: Sonata Arctica
16. An animal: Snake
17. A street name: South Michigan
18. A type of car: Subaru
19. Something scary: Super jetpack-wearing zombies
20. Ice Cream Flavor: Strawberry
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2009-01-29 11:34 pm

(no subject)

I thought this weekend was going to be rather boring, since Nick's working the gaming convention (Marmalade Dog) and there's no D&D this weekend, but Nick decided that I should just come to the con and be a lackey - I help out when I'm needed, but other than that I can join in a game, look at the vendor tables, or just play DS. I'll probably try to get SOME studying done, since I have a paper due Tuesday night and a chem exam a week from Monday. I'll also be trying to make Nick's walrus hat, which is most likely not going to be finished in time for his birthday.
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2009-01-23 10:47 am

(no subject)

Nick brought over his desktop last night - with the exception of a couple drivers, I have a fully-functioning and not-at-all-dying computer that I can use until I save up for a new laptop. Thank goodness, too, because the Mac's started balking at the sight of the Internet and I don't know how much longer it's going to hold out. I mean, seriously, if I open a page with a large photo it freezes up, and I don't know how many times I've had to restart it by holding down the power button and I know that's not good for the computer. The only think I'm missing is a proper mouse (right now I'm using the one that came with my WACOM tablet and there's not a lot of range for movement), so we're going to go pick up a cheap one today before Nick goes to work.

I ordered the Happy Hooker book last week and just got it in the mail yesterday, and Nick said he wanted to learn more knitting so that I could be a hooker he shares needles with. Isn't the man just adorable, folks?

Jimmy was over last night to help me study stoichiometry (that math thing in chemistry where you have to figure out all the damn units before you can actually do math). He went down to the other side of the building to use the bathroom, and when he came back he dragged me down the hall so I could smell the pot coming from one door (it smelled like rancid burning peanut butter - ew!). Using his super RA powers of meddling, Jimmy called the front desk to let them know someone was smoking pot. When we went back to check twenty minutes later, there was one RA investigating the hallway where the pot-door was, and we ran into another RA that Jimmy knows on the way back. She told us she was on her way to investigate "illegal activities", and Jimmy proudly proclaimed that he was the one who called the front desk. The next time we went out to look, there was a rather large crowd outside the door, so they probably found the pot and called the cops. Fun times.
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2009-01-11 10:45 am

(no subject)

The best time to find out that your boyfriend's feet are smaller than yours (when previously you both thought they were the same size) is not when you've just borrowed his boots to go play in the snow. About halfway through Whimsy my feet acquired that prickly "asleep" feeling, and when Nick came over later to get his boots and return the shoes I left in his room, he commented that the boots were a lot roomier than before. Thanks, honey.

I should really take pictures of all the stuff I've made since June. I really didn't make too much while I was in Germany - just a pair of fingerless gloves, a couple potholders, and a gecko bookmark. Once I got home, I made some Christmas presents, and now I'm working on crocheting hats. The first is just to use this really pretty purple wool for a hat for me. The second hat is going to be Nick's birthday present - he requested a walrus hat. And the third... well, I want to recreate Kitty's Drifloon hat, because it's just so damn adorable and Drifloon's my favorite Diamond/Pearl Pokemon so far. After that I'll make a few others, see how good my (crappy) design sense is. Or maybe I'll just go insane. Either way, I still need to finish that blanket I started in February. I just have to sew all the squares together, crochet a border, and sew in all the loose ends, of which there are a metric fuckton. (Nooooo, I'm not eager to update my Ravelry page, why do you ask?)

I started teaching Nick how to knit yesterday. He's about five or six rows in, and while he's still a bit wobbly on the actual technique (his main problem is starting a new row, and he gets kind of confused if he accidentally picks up part of another stitch or if he slips a stitch onto the right needle halfway through knitting) he's doing pretty well. I was worried I was going too fast for him or not explaining it well enough, but he says I'm doing just fine (aren't I supposed to be saying that?) and, more importantly, that he enjoys knitting. I was kind of surprised that he wanted to learn in the first place, but I'm glad he's having a good time, though I suspect this might be more because we're doing it together. It's also a good activity for when we're sitting around watching TV.
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2008-12-28 09:44 pm

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Meme stolen from [ profile] dreadpiratekurt.

Supposedly if you've seen more than 80 you have no life.
How do you measure up?
Mark the ones you've seen. There are 239 films on this list. Copy this list, go to your own livejournal. Then, put x's next to the films you've seen, add them up, change the header adding your number, and click post at the bottom. Have fun.

That's a lotta movies... )

Grand Total: 108

Well, I knew I didn't have much of a life to begin with anyway...