amadeupname: (*shrug*)
( Mar. 26th, 2006 01:23 am)
[ profile] z3ro666 is actually on AIM for once. I've been wanting to chat with this guy for, oh, six months or so, but he's never been online the same time I am. (Either that, or he's been invisible.) Except he's been away for, like, half an hour, and I'm heading to bed in a couple minutes. Bummer.

Yeah, watch him randomly read this entry and wonder if he needs to be worried about some psycho stalker fat chick now. I swear I'm nothing to worry about, Adam, I just like to think that I'd be able to actually have an interesting conversation with a guy who has little in common with myself, you know?

*hides under the covers*

Oh, and I finally finished X-Men Evolution. Happiness! Though I'm not sure I completely liked Kurt's characterization, and Spike annoyed me at the beginning. But, hey, I WATCHED IT. That makes me happy.


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