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( Jan. 11th, 2009 10:45 am)
The best time to find out that your boyfriend's feet are smaller than yours (when previously you both thought they were the same size) is not when you've just borrowed his boots to go play in the snow. About halfway through Whimsy my feet acquired that prickly "asleep" feeling, and when Nick came over later to get his boots and return the shoes I left in his room, he commented that the boots were a lot roomier than before. Thanks, honey.

I should really take pictures of all the stuff I've made since June. I really didn't make too much while I was in Germany - just a pair of fingerless gloves, a couple potholders, and a gecko bookmark. Once I got home, I made some Christmas presents, and now I'm working on crocheting hats. The first is just to use this really pretty purple wool for a hat for me. The second hat is going to be Nick's birthday present - he requested a walrus hat. And the third... well, I want to recreate Kitty's Drifloon hat, because it's just so damn adorable and Drifloon's my favorite Diamond/Pearl Pokemon so far. After that I'll make a few others, see how good my (crappy) design sense is. Or maybe I'll just go insane. Either way, I still need to finish that blanket I started in February. I just have to sew all the squares together, crochet a border, and sew in all the loose ends, of which there are a metric fuckton. (Nooooo, I'm not eager to update my Ravelry page, why do you ask?)

I started teaching Nick how to knit yesterday. He's about five or six rows in, and while he's still a bit wobbly on the actual technique (his main problem is starting a new row, and he gets kind of confused if he accidentally picks up part of another stitch or if he slips a stitch onto the right needle halfway through knitting) he's doing pretty well. I was worried I was going too fast for him or not explaining it well enough, but he says I'm doing just fine (aren't I supposed to be saying that?) and, more importantly, that he enjoys knitting. I was kind of surprised that he wanted to learn in the first place, but I'm glad he's having a good time, though I suspect this might be more because we're doing it together. It's also a good activity for when we're sitting around watching TV.


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