Yay, first post to Dreamwidth! I'll probably just cross-post most of my LJ entries.

I made tapioca this weekend in my rice cooker. It turned out pretty well, although next time I'll be soaking the tapioca pearls in water for a bit first. Most of them were only cooked about halfway through, and only a little bit were fully cooked. The coconut milk worked amazingly, though. This may be my new study snack.

I started my Summer I class today. It's German 500 (Elementary German for Reading Proficiency), and when I signed up for it I didn't realize that it was meant for people who have never taken German - I just thought "Hey, it's a 500-level course, and I need two of those to graduate, so why not get them both done over the summer?" Nick says I should just keep taking it for an easy credit, but I'm bored silly. They're going over 100-level stuff - der/die/das and conjugating verbs and learning how to pronounce umlauts - while the last German class I took involved reading books and plays. The professor says it will get harder when we go into passive and subjunctive voice, but I went over those in 200 and 201, and there's nothing in the book for this class that I don't understand except a word or two I haven't encountered. And speaking of the book, it cost $81 when the books for my major usually cost around $20. I think I spent less on my books for two of my classes last semester than I did on this one book. It's absolutely ridiculous. I'll call Mom tomorrow and see what she thinks of the whole thing. While I wouldn't mind an easy A, I want to actually learn something in class, or else what's the point of paying all that money? I'll be taking German 560 (Studies in German Lit) in the fall anyway, so if I just take another 500-level in the spring I should be all done.

I can't sleep. I have class at 9:00, and I know I should go take a shower and go to bed, but I'm not really tired. Okay, my body's pretty tired, but my brain just seems to want to keep going for a while. I think it might be because Nick left for Egypt today. I know he'll probably be safe - Chris assures me he's in a "resort" area and that the most he'll have to worry about is making too many friends, or something like that - and one month isn't nearly as long as six, but I still miss him. I've gotten so used to seeing him every day that I feel really lonely when I don't get to see him, even if I spend the entire day with friends. He took one of the little frogs that I knitted with him so he has something to focus on when he thinks of me, and left me the little Viking that I got him in Schleswig-Holstein. He said he'd probably email me Tuesday, and call me when he could. I'll probably feel a bit better when I can hear his voice, but still... well, there's not much I can do about it.
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