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( Feb. 16th, 2006 06:23 pm)
The weather today was just gorgeous. It's been raining off and on, so the sky was that constant gray that comes from a thick cloud cover and shadows the whole world. When you combine that with the fact that most of the snow was melted, and all the deciduous trees were bare, with their trunks slick and black with the moisture, their branches scratching at the gunmetal sky, well, you can see why I love writing. Who wouldn't want to capture that image in words? The rain, when it did come, was delightfully heavy and drenching, and coupled with the wind it put me in a wonderfully creepy mood. And it was warm today -- well, warm for February. I love being able to go outside with nothing but a sweatshirt for protection against the elements. It's pouring outside; I wish I had a reason to go out there, but I need to stay and read a few things, and clean up later. At least the window will be open so I can listen to the downpour. (Oh, joy! I just realized that it's a thunderstorm! Even better! Those are my favorite kind of storm! And that's a lot of exclamation points!)

The wedding on Tuesday was nice. I got up, watched TV, studied, and then got dressed in my black skirt, my dusty pink long-sleeved tee with the bullfighting/flower print, the chainmail earrings Will made me, a pretty pendant I got outside Charleston, and the heels I'd worn for Homecoming '02 and prom '04. These are five-inch heels, ladies and gentlemen, and I haven't worn them more than three times counting Tuesday. THen I picked up some food from Wendy's and went to Jackson High to eat lunch with my mother.

Now, remember the five-inch heels that I haven't worn in two years? I walked into Mom's classroom, said "Hey, Mom!", moved to put the bag and the drinks down on a desk, and promptly tripped over my own feet. The two large Pepsis went flying and spilled all over the floor. Thankfully nothing else was covered in soda. I helped Mom clean up most of it, and when I went to sit down I noticed the skid marks on the floor. That's right, I left six-inch long skid marks on my mother's classroom floor. It was pretty funny, in a "Dear god I am such a klutz" way.

Blah blah blah, said hi to a couple teachers, ran to get wrapping paper and a card, ran to the church, helped set up, drove Bryce home so he could grab his camera (and I was a dumbass and forgot mine, damnit, so I'll have to wait until someone develops their photos), and Dad ended up walking me down the aisle, since the person I was supposed to walk with never showed up. Brilliant! Jessica was beautiful, of course; her dress was very simple, but beautiful all the same. Chris wore his Marines uniform and almost cried during the ceremony. To be honest, I was kind of surprised there were so few people there (only about ten adults and three children showed up). The children were not appreciated in my case; they fussed during the ceremony and ran around afterward being... "cute". Listen, kid, squealing loud enough that I visibly wince is not, under any circumstances, adorable. The woman who said "Sorry about the kids!" should have been, I dunno, WATCHING them, you know? ARG.

And then afterward Chelsey and I met Kelly at Wendy's, and we went back to Dad's to watch The Princess Bride. (Which I left at home, damnit, along with my brush and a brand-new tube of Chapstick. Why on earth did I forget that stuff?!) All in all, it was a pretty good Valentine's/Singles Awareness Day, especially since I was going to a wedding.


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