I'm tired, and probably a teeny bit intoxicated from the Southern Comfort and Coke I've been nursing all night, but then Jimmy only had one Corona, and everyone else just kept right on drinking. It's amusing and a little scary to be one of the only two sober people.

Our plans for the weekend (us being me, Jimmy, Kelly, Britney, and Dan) were originally for all of us to drive up to Canada to visit Dan and stay at his house. Then we realized that Jimmy and I needed our birth certificates to be let back into the US, and while I could go run to Jackson to get mine, Jimmy couldn't go home and get his and there wasn't enough time to mail it to him. So we decided that Britney and Kelly would drive up to Ontario to pick up Dan, and Jimmy and I would head out later and meet up with them at Britney's house. Jimmy and I left at about one in the afternoon yesterday. We got to Zac's house at around 3:30 (we were going to hang out for a couple hours until Britney, Kelly, and Dan were on their way back), and didn't end up leaving until 9:30 or so. And the only reason we didn't stay the night at Zac's was because I pushed Jimmy into leaving, because I wanted to get all the driving over with. So we ended up at Britney's at around midnight, and they got back five minutes after we pulled into the driveway. Then we all walked to Tim Horton's, had some coffee and donuts, walked back, and went to bed.

The only planned activity for today was to go see X-Men III. Cut for spoilers. ) Then we went to the park for a while, watched Boondock Saints, lazed around in Britney's backyard, and then played some drinking games which devolved into random babbling and everyone going for a walk while I IMed Will. And now everyone but Jimmy is getting stoned, and I'm going to go to bed soon. We'll be heading home tomorrow, I think.
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( Mar. 3rd, 2006 04:46 pm)
Hey, look, Sarah's doing an icon post. How nice. Now let's see if I've got the etiquette down...

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

Over 200 icons under the cut, me hearties! )

Final count: 212 icons.

Comment and credit if you're going to use them, blah blah blah. I know they're not that good; just remember, I was bored and putting off schoolwork. And got a little obsessed in the process.
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( Feb. 26th, 2006 10:10 pm)
Made a new icon today. (Hint: it's the one I'm using.) They were playing The Shining on A&E today, and I turned it on right as they reached that scene. I couldn't help myself.

Playing X-Men Legends for three hours straight can be taxing on the brain. Especially when you're doing fine, and then you suddenly get your ass handed to you and the Danger Room keeps doing the same, making it almost impossible to level up and stay sane at the same time. Bah! I WILL defeat that game this week, and then I'll get to play X-Men Legends 2. Hooray for video games!

And speaking of X-Men, I grabbed Ultimate X-Men #67 Friday. I'm going to check Nostalgia Ink tomorrow and see if they have #65 and #66. (I need my fix, damnit!)

Got to see Katie today over yummy soup and sammiches (toasted tomato herb bagels and mushroom soup are love). She's been accepted to Western, so with luck we'll be able to room together when Fall semester rolls around. Her mom keeps telling her to stay in the dorm with all of the musicians, instead of in Seidschlag (which is the girl's only dorm where I've already signed up), and now she wants to meet me to make sure that Katie's making a good choice by rooming with me. Seeing as how I have a lot of stuff, and we can pool our resources, and Sied has bigger rooms than Bigelow, I think we're making a pretty good choice here. I HOPE we can room together. At least she's going to be at WMU.
Thanks to the loverly Andy, I have spent the last day reading issues 1-64 of Ultimate X-Men. Either the series does not end there, or they continue it with something else, but now I'm going to have to go do some research and finish the damn story! (Damn these Magneto story arcs! I KNEW it couldn't be only four issues long!) Why is it that whenever I dip my toes into a new fandom, I fall in and absorb as much as I can until I either run out of steam, run out of material, or run into trouble?


I'm going to go (try to *cough*) study now, and in two or three hours I'll see if I can find the information I need. Love you all. *kisses*

EDIT: ... Ahahahahahaha. I'll bet Ultimate X-Men isn't even FINISHED, and that's why it ended there. *dies* Well, I'm silly.

OTHER EDIT: Might be best to put spoilers under here... )


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