There's a bat in Dunbar.

On the fourth floor landing, just before the doors that lead into the hallway, there's a little brown bat hanging in the corner by the window. It looks like he's asleep. Heather kept asking if it was dead, but if it was dead I would think it would be lying on the floor. I thought about taking my sweatshirt off, grabbing it, and letting it go outside, but I went downstairs to one of the offices and they called custodial. They should let it go outside (I made sure to ask if they were going to kill it, because if they were I would have done it myself), so for now I'm just going to squee over how cute it is. If Robin gets here soon enough we might be able to take pics with her camera phone.

Poor batty, though! The hallway isn't nearly dark enough and it's far too loud for such a cute little creature to get his rest. But I'm not sure if a classroom would be any better - it would be darker and quieter for longer, but then when there was a class it would be loud and bright, and the poor critter would probably wake up and fly around all disoriented, and that might get the poor baby killed. And batties need to live! They're so damn cute and awesome!

EDIT: It's still there! I'm going to try to drag Will to Dunbar when he gets here and see if it's there. Unless he's afraid of bats.

I spent the entire time leading up to class grabbing people from our class and showing them the bat. Joe (I think that's his name) joined in. He was squealing over how cute it was just as much as I did! Takahashi-sensei was scared of it, and everyone else just kind of looked at it and nodded. And someone lady was looking at it when I dragged a couple people over, and she said she'd called campus security. And yet, the bat is still there. It'll probably still be there for a few hours at the least. Flee, Batty, flee!
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( Jan. 25th, 2006 01:06 am)
I know I'm not the world's biggest dog person, but if it's feasible sometime in my life, I think I would like to get either a Welsh Corgi, an English Bull Terrier, or a German Shepherd -- maybe eventually all three, though that would depend on where/how I live, how much time I have for the animals, and the temperament of the animals. Might be easier to just have them one at a time; the average life span of a dog is, what, twelve to fourteen years? (Probably more; I need to do research before I pick up ANY pet, let alone a dog!) That's about forty-five years; with a little overlapping, I could probably do that, though again it depends on the circumstances. And I'd have to rethink the whole cat and hedgehog thing... I could probably have the hedgehog at the same time as the cat and/or dog, but the cat might have some problems. Hmm...


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