HAH. Finally beat FFXII, after a forced restart of the entire game when I was almost to the end with the first one. I didn't even think I'd actually beat it at this point, but I guess the end-boss isn't too insanely hard.

Someone needs to tell Ashe to stop sighing so damn hard. Every cut scene starts out with a heavy, loud sigh from her that's almost ear-piercing.

<3 Larsa, and Gabranth, and Balthier, and Basch, and Fran, and Al-Cid, and Penelo, and the moogles. Oh god, the moogles. I like them so much better in this game than in the previous games, and I think it's because their faces seem to be modeled after mice so they don't have those ridiculous clown-noses. Fran/Balthier is OTP. So is Larsa/Penelo and Ashe/Basch. Also, I thought Basch couldn't get any hotter until they chopped his hair off. Short hair makes him delicious.

The story seems a little... lacking, I guess, but it feels less character-oriented than the other games. Not that I'm complaining, either. It's pretty, and the characters are awesome, and I'm totally going to fangirl over it. I'm just gonna warn you guys, if I'm the only Garif fangirl out there, I will be a very sad dreamhare.
Thanks to the loverly Andy, I have spent the last day reading issues 1-64 of Ultimate X-Men. Either the series does not end there, or they continue it with something else, but now I'm going to have to go do some research and finish the damn story! (Damn these Magneto story arcs! I KNEW it couldn't be only four issues long!) Why is it that whenever I dip my toes into a new fandom, I fall in and absorb as much as I can until I either run out of steam, run out of material, or run into trouble?


I'm going to go (try to *cough*) study now, and in two or three hours I'll see if I can find the information I need. Love you all. *kisses*

EDIT: ... Ahahahahahaha. I'll bet Ultimate X-Men isn't even FINISHED, and that's why it ended there. *dies* Well, I'm silly.

OTHER EDIT: Might be best to put spoilers under here... )


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