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( Jul. 13th, 2008 04:13 pm)
And this comic pretty much sums up my reaction: )

God, this book was boring, even for teen romance. Bella is a whiny, spoiled, obsessive brat who can't live once she meets Edward, and I wanted her to die. Edward is a creepy stalker (seriously, he watched her SLEEP for two freaking months and when he told her she was FLATTERED) who can't decided on a personality, and the whole relationship between them just gives me this really creepy "taking advantage of being older/having more authority to get with this chick" vibe. Especially with how clingy and dependent Bella becomes. Also, the whole "Bella faints/gloms Edward/HER HEART STOPS FREAKING BEATING when Edward kisses her" thing is even more idiotic than the sparking shit. WHO MAKES VAMPIRES THAT SPARKLE???!?!?!!!???!?!

I wonder if I can find someone to perform an exorcism on my computer or something.
The Forsaken don't always make the best priests... )


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