There's something that's been bothering me off and on for a few weeks. It's been in my head since the snafu in [ profile] maladaptive's LJ, where [ profile] luna_hoshino got into a tizzy of some sort because no one else though Aeris and Yuna were particularly strong feminist characters. At some point the "women in refrigerators" phenomenon was mentioned, and someone said that Aeris's death was solely to make Cloud's struggle against Sephiroth even more personal (though why it needed to be I have no idea), and that if Barret had died instead, it would have had the same effect on the group.

Now, I am not saying that I disagree with this. I don't tend to really dwell on issues like this, partly because it tends to get too deep too fast for my liking, and partly because I'm kind of rusty at being analytical, and people use references that I don't know anything about, so a lot of it goes over my head and I'm left feeling really stupid and completely disconnected.

What I am curious about is this: from what I've noticed, most character death is used to either further plot, give the main character(s) fuel for angst and/or characterization, or both. So where does it cross the line from necessary character death to sexism? Is it sexist for any female character to die? How are the characters supposed to react to her death, or the death of any character, so that said death isn't just a catalyst for character development or a larger plot point? When is a dead woman not a woman in a refrigerator? Is a dead man ever a "man in a refrigerator"? Does this make me a bad feminist/woman/'intellectual'/person for not understanding it right away? And why can't I seem to ever spell refrigerator right the first time around?
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( Aug. 21st, 2006 08:05 pm)
I was thinking earlier (yes, I know that this usually leads to bad things happening -- bear with me here).

There's the DIY network, there's the prerequisite music channels, there's G4, there's the SciFi channel, there's probably an "artist" channel out there somewhere. And I was wondering what kind of shows would be on a writer's television channel.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I know why there's not a writer's channel.

You see, there's very little that such a channel could really air; all I can think of is interviews with authors, movies based on books, and perhaps shows on how to battle writer's block or good sources for research. A few big-name authors could probably have their own television shows, if they agreed to it, but I have no idea what they would DO aside from answering questions and maybe reading from their own books. (And for me at least, it's a lot harder to pay attention to words when they're being spoken than when they're written. Especially when there's only a talking head to pay attention to. This is partly why I have trouble paying attention in class.) Most of this information you can get online, or in books, or in Writer's Digest magazine.

Not only that, but most writers are, obviously, better with the written word than with public speaking or being on camera. Having a writing channel would be kind of silly when the main demographic is more likely to be typing away or reading a book than flipping on the television.

Plus, I shudder to think what Laurell K Hamilton would do with her own television show. (Even if they didn't give her one, she'd probably demand one and throw a hissy fit when she didn't get her way.)
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( May. 29th, 2006 03:33 pm)
My glasses snapped in half this morning. Grandma went to Walgreens for me to get superglue and electrical tape for me so I could fix them. I forgot I have no skill with superglue anyway -- the glasses wouldn't stay together, and the only way I could have gotten them to do so would be to have permanently attached my fingertips as well. Also, electrical tape doesn't do much for glasses if there's nothing to back it up.

So now I'm wearing my contacts, which are actually working without hiding beneath my eyelids now, and I've almost managed to peel all the superglue off my fingers. I'll go to the optometrist tomorrow, seeing as how they're not open today, and get a new pair of glasses that will hopefully not look like something my grandma would wear. These contacts really are better than my glasses. Hmm.

I have an urge to write a romance novel, mostly in jest, partly because I'm curious as to whether or not it would actually get published and make any money. I could probably pull it off, and the royalties (yeah, right, royalties) would be a bit of help with tuition and all. I might as well put my talents to good use as soon as possible, right? I think I've got the formula down, too, but I might have to do some "research" just to make sure. All for the sake of writing, of course.

Also, if I had to choose a theme song for myself, this would be it.


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