The Forsaken don't always make the best priests... )
We just had our floor meeting, and I have discovered the presence of three hot German students on our floor. The most delicious one, Christian, is from Paraborn Paderborn (apparently I've been hearing it wrong - oops!), which is where I will hopefully be studying in January. (And by delicious, I mean distractingly blue-eyed and blond, with short, slightly curly hair, and a few inches taller than me, and the most wonderful accent I have ever heard a German utter. And he lives down the hall! Joyousness!)

I might have possibly made a fool of myself when I talked to him, but Jill (my roommate) just says that I should be more positive about myself. Of course, she also says I should ask him for help with my homework by knocking on his door and saying "Hello, hot German man, would you help me with my homework?" Not happening.

And now, Penelo fanart!

Don't mind the crappy blue shading on her skin, plz. )
Fanfic ideas:
Riku/Sora short, involving paopu fruit.
KH/Final Destination crossover.
SoRiKai stalker fic. (Trust me, you don't want to know.)

Fanart ideas:
SoRiKai calendar. (I've started this, but I have no idea if I'm going to finish it.)
Org. XIII calendar.
Disney/FF chars calendar.
"This is what happens when you put Axel in a dress." Complete with pointing out just how majorly pissed off he would be.
PSA showing the KH boys in drag.
Demyx in Halloweentown. (I'm thinking scarecrow. :D)

Maybe if I got off my ass, I could get the fanart done. The fanfic is another story entirely. (OMGBADPUNHARHAR!)


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