I have decided that, should I ever marry a man with a last name beginning with the letter L, I will either keep my last name or change my middle name, because I will be damned if I ever have the initials SNL. I think I like being called SARS better.
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( Aug. 21st, 2006 08:05 pm)
I was thinking earlier (yes, I know that this usually leads to bad things happening -- bear with me here).

There's the DIY network, there's the prerequisite music channels, there's G4, there's the SciFi channel, there's probably an "artist" channel out there somewhere. And I was wondering what kind of shows would be on a writer's television channel.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I know why there's not a writer's channel.

You see, there's very little that such a channel could really air; all I can think of is interviews with authors, movies based on books, and perhaps shows on how to battle writer's block or good sources for research. A few big-name authors could probably have their own television shows, if they agreed to it, but I have no idea what they would DO aside from answering questions and maybe reading from their own books. (And for me at least, it's a lot harder to pay attention to words when they're being spoken than when they're written. Especially when there's only a talking head to pay attention to. This is partly why I have trouble paying attention in class.) Most of this information you can get online, or in books, or in Writer's Digest magazine.

Not only that, but most writers are, obviously, better with the written word than with public speaking or being on camera. Having a writing channel would be kind of silly when the main demographic is more likely to be typing away or reading a book than flipping on the television.

Plus, I shudder to think what Laurell K Hamilton would do with her own television show. (Even if they didn't give her one, she'd probably demand one and throw a hissy fit when she didn't get her way.)
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( Apr. 22nd, 2006 10:12 pm)
I like see-through plastic spoons.
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( Jan. 25th, 2006 12:34 am)
What I feel are my best features:

Body parts I like (aesthetically, not pervertedly):
Hair (especially when it's long)
Arms/shoulders -- especially when the person's got really nice biceps

Body parts that look silly by themselves:
ANY genitalia, for that matter
Oh, fuck, most body parts look funny if you take them out of context!


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