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( Sep. 5th, 2006 01:33 pm)
For the most part I like my university. I was planning on going into graphic design, but after this I'm not sure I really want to.

Classes started today. Yesterday I was checking my school email (which I will admit, I don't check it as often as I should), and I noticed a message about the art class I was taking.

Cut for a series of emails. )

I'm not pissed off because I can't take the class. Policy is policy, even if it is stupid (but my rant on the idiocy of limiting all art classes to those students with an art major is for another day). Besides, throwing a hissy fit about it would be childish and hypocritical.

I registered for classes in mid-to-late April. Move-in day for sophomores, juniors, and seniors was Sept. 1 (the same date as her initial email), and classes started today, the fifth. There are three things with this picture that seem rather unprofessional to me:

1. A woman in her position is fully capable of looking up my records and seeing that I am a sophomore, though she probably had no reason to do so. Even if she didn't know what year I'm in, wouldn't it make sense not to send an email to me on a day when I'm likely to be busy moving things into my dorm room and collapsing in exhaustion afterwards?

2. It was Labor Day Weekend. She sent an email the day before a holiday weekend, knowing full well that she wouldn't be in the office until today and that classes STARTED today. It's my fault for not checking my email earlier, but wouldn't it have made sense to email me a couple days earlier so I'd have my answer before the weekend, and I wouldn't have to spend the weekend worrying about it?

3. The time between when I registered for classes and when classes started was approximately four months, give or take a couple weeks. The time when I registered for classes is also the time when students register for summer classes as well, so she probably had access to the list of students taking art classes. She had four months to contact me, and yet she waited until the last possible moment to tell me I couldn't take this class. Four months! If she had given me a month's notice, even a week's notice, I wouldn't be complaining, but now I have to scramble to drop the class, get my money back, and register for another class so that I have enough credits to count as a full-time student. Without those credits, I lose the student loan that I desperately need. At the worst, I'll have to take another PE class (which won't be horrible, I'll admit) for half a semester, which will count for one credit and barely nudge me into full-time status, and probably screw up the otherwise perfect schedule I had.

I'm not sure I want to go into art if the art advisor is like this with all the other students.


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