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( Nov. 7th, 2006 08:34 am)
Last night I dreamed that I was making out with my friend's boyfriend. He was shirtless, and there was some guy that we both knew watching us, and we were in this basement. It didn't get farther than kissing his mouth and chest, but apparently we were planning on having sex. I remember waking up long enough to feel guilty, and then falling back asleep.

It was only part of a larger dream, and what I remember of that is a secret passage into a nice, plush office with a really thick, soft red carpet (kind of like a much better version of the rug in my dorm) that I wanted to walk on barefoot, and a baseball game where two people died, and they were put into big paper bags before the paramedics picked them up, with their feet hanging out of the tops of the bags like the necks of wine bottles. And I remember somewhere in there Logan and I were running around in the rain and talking, and for some reason I'm reminded of Lost when I try to remember that. Maybe this is all of my dreams blending together, but maybe my dreams were all just continuations of each other, because it makes a weird sort of sense. All of these took place at school -- not WMU, but a it was a college campus.

I know it was just a dream, but I feel guilty about it all the same.
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( Jul. 20th, 2006 09:05 am)
I just had a dream about one of my college friends, Nathan. This is what I get for laughing over that picture of David Hasselhoff, isn't it? )

Dad gave me his car on Wednesday, and I put my car up for sale on Friday. Friday night the water broke, and Mark and Rob spent the entire weekend fixing it (it finally came on Tuesday morning). I sold my car for $500 Tuesday night, so now I'll actually have a bit of money, but I don't plan on spending a lot of it since I need to get a parking pass for this year, and that's $300, so I need to save it.

Yesterday was so damn stressful. I got up at 7:00 to make sure there was plenty of time to take Rob to the airport. We left at 8:00, and almost immediately I was bombarded with an alarm bell and a message that my brake fluid was low. So we stopped at the Napa Auto Parts store that's right by the edge of Concord, but they weren't open. I had to call dad, and he said to check the manual. According to the manual, I either had a leak, or my brake pads were wearing down. While I was reading the manual the store had opened, and the guy behind the counter confirmed it. So I bought some brake fluid and topped it up, and now I have to go get my brake pads replaced.

Aside from that, we got to the airport with no problems, and even found parking almost right away. We checked Rob's bags, got his boarding pass and my gate pass, made it through security, and found his gate with almost two hours before he needed to be on the flight. Thinking that I had done what I needed to, I drove back to Jackson.

At the time that Rob's plane was supposed to be taking off, I got a call from the airport saying that because Rob was an unattended minor, I was supposed to have stayed with him until the plane was in the air. NO ONE TOLD ME THIS. Not Mom, not the lady who gave us his boarding pass (who was supposed to, I later found out) - NO ONE. I had to drive back to Detroit to put him on the plane, and his flight was delayed anyway so I had a little bit of time. When I finally got back to the airport, I almost couldn't find a parking space, and while I was trying to do so I got a call from the airport saying that his flight was leaving at 1:57 and if I didn't hurry he'd miss that one too.

But I finally got a parking space, and I had to get a new gate pass, grab Rob from the Unattended Minors room, and we ran (well, sort of - fat girls don't run well) to the gate. We ended up having twelve minutes before he needed to board. Joy. This time he got on the plane with no problems, and after the plane took off I grabbed some sushi and green tea, wolfed it down in the car, and drove back to Mom's. I did some weeding, but I need to finish it by tonight, and there are at least four rows left out of six. (Yes, I AM lazy. I'll get it done.)

I'm going back to Grandma's tomorrow, and then coming back to Mom's on Monday for a fill-in office job. And the following week I'll be at Mom's, house-sitting for a week while Mom's on vacation with Mark and Rob's at Grandma's. (This is mostly so Rob and I don't bother Grandma when he's over there.) So internet access will be a bit sporadic, guys.


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