It figures that it would be snowing the morning of the first day of classes. Thanks for finally cooperating with us, weather! You think maybe you can work on your timing a little, though? This snow would have been absolutely perfect two weeks ago.

I think I figured out where Trimpe is - looks like from where I am, it's behind Korman. I guess I'll leave early to make sure I don't get lost and end up being late. I'm just wondering if we're actually having all-day classes today. I thought it was everything after 4:00, but then Katie said I was wrong, and Robin has no idea, so I guess I'll haul my ass over to Japanese and see if we actually have class. If we don't, no harm done, right? At least I'll have figured out where the classroom is, and I could use the exercise.

I'm almost done with Tanya Huff's Blood Price. I like it. Her wer are different than what I expected, but then I've been reading too much LKH, I think. Blood Trail was pretty good as well. I don't know if the books can really be classified as mysteries -- I mean, she tells you who the villain is chapters before Vicki and Co. have any idea -- but her characters are amazing, and that's what's got me hooked. Plus, mystery or not, she tells a damn good story.

Henry doesn't really feel like a vampire to me. He seems more like a regular guy who sometimes has fangs and happens to be four hundred fifty years old. Again, I blame LKH, and possibly Anne Rice, and anyone else who writes emo, misunderstood vampires, bwahaha-evil vampires, impossibly sexy vampires, and French vampires.

I love Guitar Hero II, but I don't know if I'm going to be touching hard mode for another month or so. I tried to play Mother on hard in Quick Play, and I couldn't even get the first three chords. Damn you, orange fret button! Damn my lack of a six finger! At least I've still got songs on Medium that I need to get five stars on - those are going to take a while anyway. I've got to tell you, I thought I'd suck at this game, but I'm actually pretty decent. It was hilarious watching my brother try to play. The boy has no sense of timing or rhythm. He also tends to quit things when he's doing a bad job, so I don't think he ever actually finished a song. I'm glad I told him he was never borrowing this game - something tells me that if I lent it to him, he'd absolutely destroy the controller.


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