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( Mar. 5th, 2006 08:49 pm)
It doesn't piss me off too terribly when people ride my ass while I'm driving. A lot of my friends think I drive like an old lady anyway. (I constantly drive five miles over the speed limit. Excuse me if I like to avoid getting pulled over by the cops.) It's not much worse when people speed up and squeeze into the nice safe-distance-from-the-other-car space that they barely fit into, often without using their turn signal. When I pass trucks I pay attention to the cars around me so that if people do act like morons, my quick(ish) reflexes will keep me from smashing into anybody else. I mean, if people really want to go that fast, they can do so -- after I pass the truck and get into the right lane. If they want to risk getting into an accident, so be it! As long as they don't get me into one, I couldn't care less.

I'd just like to know why this asshole today was so impatient to get past me -- so eager to keep from slowing down and having to spend more than five seconds behind another car -- that he decided to flash his headlights on and off at me. That's right, he flashed his headlights on and off, continuously, the moment he got into the left lane. I mean, heaven forbid he actually slow down and wait one minute for me to pass and pull over so he could resume his breakneck speed! It's not like that's distracting or dangerous or anything!

I almost wish I'd slowed down instead of speeding up, but then he'd probably have rear-ended me and screamed at me for it. I hope the bastard is one of the two speeders that got pulled over on I-94 on my way to Kalamazoo.


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