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( Feb. 26th, 2006 10:10 pm)
Made a new icon today. (Hint: it's the one I'm using.) They were playing The Shining on A&E today, and I turned it on right as they reached that scene. I couldn't help myself.

Playing X-Men Legends for three hours straight can be taxing on the brain. Especially when you're doing fine, and then you suddenly get your ass handed to you and the Danger Room keeps doing the same, making it almost impossible to level up and stay sane at the same time. Bah! I WILL defeat that game this week, and then I'll get to play X-Men Legends 2. Hooray for video games!

And speaking of X-Men, I grabbed Ultimate X-Men #67 Friday. I'm going to check Nostalgia Ink tomorrow and see if they have #65 and #66. (I need my fix, damnit!)

Got to see Katie today over yummy soup and sammiches (toasted tomato herb bagels and mushroom soup are love). She's been accepted to Western, so with luck we'll be able to room together when Fall semester rolls around. Her mom keeps telling her to stay in the dorm with all of the musicians, instead of in Seidschlag (which is the girl's only dorm where I've already signed up), and now she wants to meet me to make sure that Katie's making a good choice by rooming with me. Seeing as how I have a lot of stuff, and we can pool our resources, and Sied has bigger rooms than Bigelow, I think we're making a pretty good choice here. I HOPE we can room together. At least she's going to be at WMU.


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