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( Dec. 13th, 2005 10:59 am)
TSO was insanely awesome. There were lasers, and fake snow, and fire, and sparkly things, and wonderful music. I wanna go again! (But with earplugs this time. Now I know why performers wear them onstage.) Our nosebleed seats turned out to be good seats, as we got to see EVERYTHING. We were pretty high up, though, all the way at the top, and that didn't help. (I was afraid I'd slip and tumble down the stairs and off the balcony.) I did get a little lost trying to find my way back to the highway, but other than that Chelsey and I had a grand old time.

Thank you, Anga, for getting me the first season of CSI: Miami on DVD for Christmas. You're the bestest, cuddly-est German EVAR.

I'm taking my brother out tomorrow night after his orthodontist appointment. I figure, since we don't see each other that often, and he really does look up to me (and it's not like I hate him, he's just often annoying), I'll spend the whole afternoon/evening with him. I'll take him to see Narnia (and goad him into reading the books afterward), take him out to dinner ... I dunno. I guess I'll see if there's anything else he wants to do, because that was my whole plan right there.


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