Oh god, I <3 the hot Australian guy who's staying here. He just gave me Lindor chocolates (a bit squishy from being in his bag, but still yummy) for helping him order pizza. I was just happy to hear him talking some more - his voice is sooooo dreamy. I do hope he's around tomorrow night as well.

Men with sexy accents aside, the only other excitement so far has been a rather inebriated young woman who was not on the roster. First one of the shuttle drivers came in asking about her, as he'd dropped her off at Eldridge/Fox only to pick her up again when she started staggering off down the road. I couldn't find her on the roster at all, sent the driver to E/F, and forgot about it until the E/F front desk called asking me to knock on to door to 515 Ackley, hoping we could find her roommate. There was no one there, and pretty soon they called back asking me to check 519. There was no one in there either, but I did run into the young lady's friends in the hall and directed them to E/F. Her roommate eventually came up to the front desk asking about her, but by then her other friends had picked her up, and I'm assuming they got her safely into her room or something, because most of them have been running in and out of the lobby since then.

And I just got a lady asking if we've got a nurse on call. Thankfully she doesn't have a medical emergency, but I still feel horrible that I can't do anything for her except point her to E/F and hope they can give her some help.

And now, a meme, ganked from [livejournal.com profile] usagivindaloo.

The instructions for this one are quite simple. Open your iPod/default media player. Display all music. Answer the questions. )


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