So, as many of you probably know, I used to be a huge - and I mean ginormous - Dragonball Z fan. Still am, a bit, in a "this was my first anime ever, and even though I realize now it's pretty generic and kind of sucks in places, I still love it" way. I still have at least one of my T-shirts, still have the framed Piccolo pic that someone bought for me, still have the posters and wall scroll, still have my action figures (I think -- I might have given them to my brother =X); I still have that idea for my fanfic that I never really wrote, and thank god I didn't because that character was a total Mary Sue.

More on the Sue here... )

I still want to write that fic, and maybe someday I will. After I completely revamp the characters and the storyline, and maybe watch more of the series so I can have SOME continuity. And I highly doubt I'll ever publicly post it, except maybe on this journal.

Anyway, the reason this all came up is because I started looking for JKwok44's Dragon Ball Home Page - Frozen in Time.... I didn't like the fanfiction on there too much, but it had this cool midi on there that I haven't listened to in forever, and I loved it so much. This is it. I really want to find out where it's from -- someone told me it was from Macross Plus, but I don't remember who, and either way I'm still not sure. Anyone out there know?

At that point I was remembering all the fanfics that I used to love, and I tried looking for some of them. I do remember Sarah Slutz's stuff, but apparently her page has been moved and I can't get to the new one. Which really sucks, because I wanted to reread her stuff and see if it was as good as I remembered, or if I was really deluded back then. And I really did like her stuff, too, even if it was about Vejita's Sue sister.

So... anyone know what that song is? And does anyone else want to go on a hunt for old fanfics that probably don't exist anymore?

EDIT: Well, I found her page! Which apparently has all the stuff I remembered anyway! Woohoo! Now on to look for other stuff >_>;

If you're interested at all, check out her fic The Madness Game, which is what I'm in the process of rereading.


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