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( Jul. 17th, 2007 11:46 am)
I was driving home on Saturday when one of the tires on the right side of my car started making this thumping noise. I figured it was the back tire, since the last time I took the car in they said I'd need new back tires soon, and that I'd gotten something stuck in the treads. I didn't even think to check the front tire until yesterday, when I was backing out of the driveway and Grandma stopped me and told me that I had a flat. Turns out there was a giant screw that punctured my tire, and that's why it was making that noise. At least Discount Tire was able to repair it, so I only had to get two tires replaced instead of one.

Of course, nothing can ever be simple with my car. Now it's shuddering while I drive, especially when I'm slowing down, though it's really noticable if I let the car inch forward. And while the "Service Engine Soon" light is on a lot (which I usually let go because there's a short in the system, and it's only something to worry about when it's on for more than a couple weeks), now it's blinking, which means I really need to take it in soon. Of course I need to take it in. I can't possibly have my car working correctly, now can I?

I love this site. I finally get to watch Heroes, the Dresden Files, the third season of LOST, Peach Girl, and re-watch Are You Afraid of the Dark. And I had no idea they had a Xenosaga anime. I'll have to watch that once I'm through with Peach Girl.

I've especially been watching the Dresden Files. I just finished Storm Front, and I'm really disappointed that they cancelled the show. I prefer the books, but it's really fun to watch. I like the guy who plays Harry. I like the guy who plays Bob, too, though I wish there was at least one scene where he was a talking skull. Talking skulls are awesome. And I love the drumstick wand and the hockey stick blasting rod. Random mundane objects as magical tools = awesometastic.

Peach Girl is pretty cool as well. I like it a lot better than I did the Taiwanese drama. The characters are more likeable, and it doesn't spend half of its episodes letting the main character angst all over everything. I still like the guy who plays A Li in the drama, but he's the only reason I would watch it now.


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