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( Nov. 26th, 2005 03:30 pm)
disgruntledfemale01: So how am I shallow for liking Chris?
jaswi: Admit it, you only liked his body, he's one of those stupid guys that wastes all their time trying to get looks cause they got nothing upstairs
disgruntledfemale01: Yeah, he's cute, but that's not the only thing I like about guys.
disgruntledfemale01: What I really go for is kindness -- treat me well and I'll get weak-kneed, since I dont' get that a lot.
jaswi: I don't know any other way to treat girls
jaswi: which sucks, cause i got no luck with the ladies
jaswi: I think i might be stretching it if i said i had 5 gf's in highschool, and none lasted a month
disgruntledfemale01: *shrug* I get treated like shit, since I'm not pretty and not all that sociable either
disgruntledfemale01: So if a guy's really nice to me, I'm more than likely going to develop a crush on him
jaswi: sorry i went quiet, raid just got toasted
jaswi: I think your main thing is don't be so pushy with guys
jaswi: guys really do like hard to get
disgruntledfemale01: Well then I'm fucking screwed
jaswi: lol
disgruntledfemale01: because I'm not subtle enough to do that
jaswi: subtlety not your speciality eh?
disgruntledfemale01: fuck no
jaswi: you're what, 18?
disgruntledfemale01: yeah
jaswi: im not gonna say that some guys dont like a direct woman..
jaswi: guess it just seems really really really odd for me
jaswi: cause I was so disgustingly ugly and worthless all through school
disgruntledfemale01: I never got the appeal of hard to get
disgruntledfemale01: Why torture yourself and the other person, and potentially send the wrong signals?
jaswi: i dunno, its always the girls doing it, you tell me lol
disgruntledfemale01: I just don't get it. I guess it's the whole attraction to what you can't have thing, but to me it's just stupid
jaswi: probably something along those lines, or the whole its not as sweet if you dont have to work for it thing
disgruntledfemale01: Just sounds really frustrating to me.
disgruntledfemale01: plus drawing things out like that just makes me impatient and miserable

I seriously don't get it. What is so appealing about a girl (or guy for that matter) flirting with you one minute, then acting like you don't exist, or like you're lower than the mold on last week's balogna sandwich? To me, that seems like a person I wouldn't want to be around at all, if they're that indecisive or two-faced or just plain sociopathic. What's the attraction in being strung along, or in feigning distinterest (or interest, even, if that's your thing), when the slightest misstep means he either walks off in disgust because you're being "too obvious" and that ruins the 'game', or causes him to assume that you really aren't interested and he should just move on. That's the biggest form of psychological sadomasochistic torture I've ever seen; why put yourself and the person you're interested in through that? What does it prove? That you can withstand someone's mind games, and therefore you're clear to go out with them?

I can't do that kind of thing. Maybe it's because I don't know how, or because it wouldn't work even if I did. That kind of thing works with pretty girls, interesting girls, girls that have a large enough amount of guys who are interested in them that they can spare one or two if they get frustrated. It doesn't work with girls like me, who aren't ravishingly pretty or altogether captivating; if I'm subtle, guys ignore me. Being direct is the only way I'll be able to tell if I should just give up or keep trying, because that's the only way I'm guaranteed a reaction. Why the hell should I force myself to be even more uncomfortable around guys than I already am?

Guys, why is this so fucking appealing? Whatever happened to "Hi, you seem interesting and I'd like to get to know you, would you like to go out for coffee/a cigarette/bowling/a romp in the hay sometime?"


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