I have an unfortunate tendency to accidentally injure my boyfriend. I move my leg wrong and shove my knee into his crotch. He leans in to kiss me while I'm distracted and I toss my head right into his. He literally walks into my fist and earns himself a blow to the eye (and, in an unfortunate case, the groin). Last night he tried to get into bed and managed to land his throat on my elbow. (That one was kind of my fault, since I was shining a flashlight in his face for a couple seconds and he couldn't really see.) It didn't hit his windpipe, thank goodness, but he was still in quite a bit of pain for a few minutes.

The funny thing is, I feel horrible every time it happens (because, really, as much as I might jokingly threaten violence I really don't want hurt Nick in any way), but he finds it amusing as all hell. Even last night, he was laughing about it while he was wincing at any contact with his neck. I honestly don't know how to react to that sort of situation, so I end up being apologetic and upset while Nick is poking fun at me and nursing his wounds. I can't exactly avoid it, either, since that would require avoiding Nick, so ... yeah. Hopefully I don't do anything that winds up with one or both of us in the hospital.


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